The greatest thing about living in Southern California is the incredible climate we enjoy here. It makes sense that we would put greater emphasis on our outdoor spaces - we would all be nuts if we did not celebrate this extraordinary Mediterranean climate by expanding the way we live into our gardens.

When someone asks me to design a garden for them, the first thing I ask them is how they fantasize about living in their outdoor space. For me, the goal is to help my clients to realize that fantasy in an unexpected way that still feels like an expression of their lifestyle.

I draw my inspiration from the incredible California natural landscape and from a genuine fascination and love for the plant materials themselves. The springboard for my designs is the surrounding environment and architecture and my clients’ sensibilities. I skew towards the sustainable and the contemporary, with a graphic use of color.  

For many of us, our garden is where we disconnect and let go a little. And where we reconnect with our environment, be it through the smell of jasmine or the sound of bees hovering over a drift of lavender or the sight of the ginkgo leaves beginning to turn yellow.

I love playing a part in that.

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